How to Ship an eBike ?(Best Practical Tips)



2- Remove your battery.


The second step is to remove the battery from the electric bike and pack it individually with a warning sign on it before delivering it to the shipping company.

Note: It is preferable that the battery not be charged when charging (try to have a charge rate of about 25%) so as not to cause severe damage if the battery is damaged during charging.


3- Ask for Special battery-powered vehicles.





When charging the electric bike abroad, it requires some changes from charging it domestically  because you cannot take the electric bike battery on the plane because most airlines impose restrictions that the battery on the plane does not exceed 100 watt-hours and the lowest electric bike battery will be about 360 watt-hours hour and therefore will fly until you ship it individually via an international shipping company


But that doesn’t mean you can’t travel internationally with your electric bike, it’s just that we’re going to discuss some more practical alternatives to not charging the battery alone.


1- Rent an ebike battery


The first alternative for you is to rent an electric battery suitable for your bike model.

The advice to you here is that the battery dealer is for a long time because most electric bike shops that rent batteries reduce the price a lot when renting for a long time, so be sure to rent the battery upon arrival so that you can enjoy your bike for the longest time and at the lowest cost.


2- Use a portable Ebike battery.


There are some companies that manufacture a portable battery, which is about 98 watt-hours, and it is safe in the plane, but the disadvantage is that it has a very small capacity, and you can also combine more than one together to increase the range.


3- Buy a cheap or used battery when you arrive.


One of the alternatives is to buy a new battery, but it is not very expensive to spend your vacation with. The idea here is that renting a battery for a week may cost you about $ 200 and the price of a medium quality battery will be in the same price category


When it’s time to travel, you can sell it to any of the electric bike shops at any price and then you will have saved a lot.


There is also another solution, which is to buy a used battery when you reach your destination, and if you do not prefer this solution because it is not safe, as you will have to deal with many people, which can be unsafe and also will waste a lot of time.



The electric bike can be charged by pilots by removing the battery and then renting a battery upon arrival, using a portable battery, or buying a medium-priced battery.


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