How do I secure my electric bike battery? (9 Ways)

The electric bike battery is considered one of the most expensive spare parts,

as its price ranges between 200 and 600 dollars,

This price range may be equal to about the price of an electric bike such as the Jetson, or equivalent to

more than a third of the price of a medium-class electric bike.

That is why securing two electric bike batteries against theft is very important.

In this post, we are going to share with you 9 different ways you can do to secure your electric bike battery.

How do I secure my electric bike battery?

As a general rule, the best way to secure an electric bike battery is to take it with you or use a lock dedicated to it with a GPS tracker

On the other hand, there are several ways you can secure your electric bike battery, and we will explain them in detail in the next section

1-Take it with you.

The best way to secure your electric bike battery is to take it with you because in this case, you will essentially not give time to anyone trying to steal the electric bike or its battery.

There are some tips that you can do to take the battery with you wherever you go.

  • Always have a backpack with you so that you can put the battery in it
  • If you could get a backpack with you, you can use a regular bag and put the battery in it and leave the battery in the reception\admin area of the place you go to.
  • If you are going to the supermarket, you can put the battery in the shopping cart.

2-Use a locking chain.

You can use a chain lock dedicated to the battery so that its length is as small as the circumference of the battery so that it weighs less and does not increase the weight while moving with the electric bike.

On the other hand, having a small lock may be a practical thing so that it can be relied upon to secure the

battery and then rely on any other securing method against theft for the rest of the bike

Note: Make sure that the lock is very thick, so that it is difficult to break.

3-Use Alarm.

Using the alarm clock on an electric bike is a very good idea to secure the electric bike battery for two reasons

First, and the main reason is that it will alert you if anyone tries to touch the electric bike

The second reason is that its shape is elegant and you can use it to put the electric bike key with the

alarm key.

4-keep it near windows.

If you have to leave the electric bike and the battery Unattended, you should put them in a place that is easy to see, such as in front of the window or next to a glass door so that it is easy for you to see the electric bike.

Also, be easy for the people around you to see because this will make the thief’s task difficult.

5-Use its own key.

Using the key of the electric bike battery is one of the first steps for securing it, so always make sure not to lose the key.

Because losing the key will make you use unusual ways to operate the electric bike which will make it easy for the thief to steal the battery.

6-Use GPS tracker for Pets

One of the things you can do to secure an electric bike battery is to stick a GPS tracker on it, like the ones used to track pets.

The idea of using this type of GPS is that it is small and you can stick it on the battery so that it cannot be seen

To do this use double-sided tape but make sure the GPS is in a place where it is not easy to see (preferably under the battery)

7-Avoid having the same routine

One of the preventive things that can help you in securing your ebike battery and the electric bike, in general, is to avoid having a known routine such as going daily to drink coffee in a certain place and at a specific time or going to the supermarket at specific times.

All these activities that occur continuously will make it easier for anyone to track you and take advantage of the opportunity of your absence to steal the electric bike.

8-Hide your ebike battery.

One of the things you can do to secure an electric bike is to make it as hidden as possible so that it is difficult for anyone to see and try to steal it.

In the post below, we mentioned many ways that you can do to hide the battery of your electric bike.

How do I hide my eBike battery? (6 Tricks)

generally, you can hide your electric bike battery, by placing a colored sticker for both the frame and the battery, and also placing the battery under the rear rack or behind the seat tube, or inside the rear bag.

9-Avoid leaving your ebike unattended.

The last tip for you is to avoid leaving the bike unattended, as this will make the task easier for the thief

As a general rule, the thief can get rid of the bicycle locks in a period ranging from two to three minutes

Therefore, the best way to secure a bicycle battery is not to leave it unattended.

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