How do you Transport with E-bikes? (8 Ways)


Transporting your electric bike can be a very entertaining thing as you can enjoy your electric bike anywhere with your friends and loved ones.

The question of how to Transport e-bike is kind of confusing as you have several methods that you can use to Transport your e-bike.

In this post, we will explain the eight most popular ways that you can do to Transport your electric bike, with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

How do you Transport with E-bikes?

As a general rule, you can transport an electric bike by placing it inside the car or using a rack.

But as we mentioned in the introduction to the post, there are many types of ways that you can take to transport your electric bike

1- Transport your ebike inside your car trunk.

Using a car trunk is one of the most economical ways to transport an electric bike Because it is inexpensive.

Advantages of transporting your electric bike inside the car.

  • low cost.
  • You will be able to use the car sensors normally.
  • more protection for an electric bike from shocks and accidents.

Disadvantages of transporting an electric bike inside the car.

  • The length of time it takes to disassemble the bike parts.
  • Takes up the the trunk space

You can see the full details of how to carry your ebike inside a car from the below post.

How to carry an electric bike in a car? (with No Racks)

2-Tow Bar Mounted racks.

Tow Bar Mounted bike rack
Credit: Flickr

The Tow Bar Mounted rack is one of the most common ways to transport an electric bike, because it is one of the most practical and easy ways.

Advantages of using The Tow Bar Mounted rack

  • The reduced time required to install the bike on the car is about 5 minutes at most
  • Easy to put the bike in the car.

Disadvantages of using The Tow Bar Mounted rack.

  • The high cost, the price of the rack ranges between $100 and $1,000
  • The inability to use the car sensors normally as the rack is hanging at the back of the car may cause a problem with the rear car sensors.
  • Excess weight on the car, as there is a weight for the passenger and also the weight of the electric bike, which increases the load on the car’s suspension system.

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3-Roof Racks.

How do you Transport with E-bikes (8 Ways)

The use of a roof rack is one of the means that many cyclists use to transport their bicycles, but for electric bicycles, it may require some adjustments, the most important of which is that the rack should bear the extra weight.


  • The ability to use the parking sensors normally
  • Full use of the interior space of the car
  • Increase the rearview area inside the car


  • high cost
  • Extra weight on the car
  • Difficulty putting the bike on the roof rack, especially with the extra weight of the electric bike (about 20 kg or more)

4-Trunk Mounted Racks.

Trunk Mounted bike Rack
Credit: Public Domain Pictures

The Trunk Mounted Racks can be used to carry an electric bike, but there will be a risk as it is easy to move the bike off the rack.

In general, you can carry one electric bike on the Trunk Mounted Racks, but for small distances, it is not preferable to travel long distances.

5-Van or Truck.

One of the ways that many people transport their Eike by using a van or truck.

In fact, using this method is one of the easiest ways of transporting an electric bike.

If you own a van or truck, you should cover the electric bike while transporting the electric bike to protect it from
damage and also make sure that the electric bike is well tightened to the van or truck using the bungee.

Transporting your ebike using a train.

In all the previous ways a car is used to transport the electric bike, but of course, you can transport the bike by public transport.

There are some tips that you can do when transporting your bike by train

  • Take out the battery and keep it with you
  • Lock the bike
  • If you travel a long distance by train and there are many stations that try to check the bike every once in a while

Transporting your ebike by the carrier.

If you are traveling internally and want to transport your electric bike for use during your travels, there are many shipping companies that are dedicated to transporting electric bikes.

Note: Only a few of these companies allow the battery to be transported in the same shipment, so you should check the terms and conditions of each company before sending your electric bike.

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Transporting your ebike by the plan.

In my personal opinion, transporting an electric bike by plane is not a 100% practical solution, as most airlines do not allow the battery on a plane, and most likely you will need to rent a battery in the place where you will go.

Therefore, the best thing, in this case, is to rent an electric bike for the duration of your stay. The longer the rental period, the lower the rental price.


You can transport the electric bike by car, train, Shipping, or by plane

The best type of rack for transporting an electric bike on a car in my opinion is the tow bar-mounted rack.

If you want to save the cost of the racks, you can put the electric bike in the interior space of the car.

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