What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Electric Bicycle?

Electric bicycles are steadily rising in popularity, with many cycling enthusiasts citing that they offer a wide range of features and advantages.

However, it is critical to examine both sides of the coin.

If Asked Me:

What is your opinion on e-bikes?

As a whole E-bike are good for the below reasons.

  • Reducing the efforts of riding if you were tired
  • Fun to ride
  • Help the keeping a healthy environment
  • All parts can be replaced easily
  • can be parked in a small space
  • You can ride in mountains or Woods which is a perfect experience.
  • Low running cost compared to other transportations
  • Gives you information about your ride like miles, speed..,
  • can be charged on the go in many places


The below article will cover the benefits of e-bikes, such as reduced emissions, health benefits, cost reduction, and so much more.

And also the disadvantages such as battery life, charging time, weight, conversion kit maintenance, limited range, and so much more.


Read on to get a detailed insight.

Advantage of owning an electric bike


As a general rule the advantages of owning electric bike care are:

Reduced Effort

An electric bicycle requires less effort because a motor and throttle facilitate movement, unlike a regular bicycle where you always have to pedal.

You get to reserve energy if you use the e-bike as your means of transport. Riding, therefore, becomes efficient, as you don’t sweat, strain, or get untidy.

 Training Purposes

Sports enthusiasts and athletes across all sporting disciplines maintain fitness by riding electric bicycles. It is a fun way of training as you get to ride and at the same time maintain performance levels.

E-bikes, therefore, provide a great option to diversify your training routine.


An Efficient Way for the Government to Save On Space

An electric bicycle consumes a small parking space compared to vehicles. A single car parking space can accommodate several e-bikes.

If the residents of a particular city decide to use electric bikes for commuting purposes, the government gets to save extra space. It can get used to set up additional infrastructure.

Cheap To Set Up Cycling Infrastructure

Setting up electric bicycles’ infrastructure is cheap as it does not require a lot of resources.

For example, it requires less space, unlike roads which consume large land. Additionally, vehicles require fueling stations, which is not the case for electric bikes as they get charged at home.


Reduced Emissions

An electric bicycle does not emit any gases when it is in utilization. Although one can use electricity (its production is associated with emission) to charge the battery, the energy consumption is low.

A few hours’ worths of charging, and you can ride long distances without producing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and Sulfur (IV) oxide.

Thus, riding an e-bike preserves our environment and reduces the risks associated with emissions, such as reduced air quality, acidic rain, and prevalent health risks.

 Recycling Benefits

Electric bicycles are recyclable, making them a unique mode of transportation.

When your electric bike breaks down, you can take it back to the manufacturer, where they can use the parts to develop another electric bicycle.

What does recycling entail?

  • Recycling a worn-out battery
  • Using renewable energy to charge your battery like wind and solar energy
  • Using worn-out electric bike parts to make an entirely new bike

Health Benefits

The regular use of an electric bicycle enhances your health. An e-bike features a throttle, and you can also pedal. Pedaling promotes cardiovascular activity and engages most of your body parts such as your leg’s muscles, brain, lungs, back, and arms.

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Improved posture and body parts coordination
  • Reduced anxiety because your brain remains active throughout the cycling exercise
  • Decreased body fat levels because you burn calories
  • Prevention of diseases as your body gets to be active
  • Cardiovascular fitness. You reduce the chances of getting heart disease
  • Increased muscle strength. Cycling engages most muscles around your body.
  • Strengthened bones

Decreases Energy Consumption

The only part of an electric bicycle that consumes energy is the motor. The motor uses a battery to function. You have to charge the battery when it runs out of charge.

The most effective and environmentally friendly way of charging the battery is using renewable energy such as solar power.


If you don’t have a solar power system, you can use electricity. The battery does not consume a lot of electricity to realize full charge. Therefore, you reduce energy consumption, unlike vehicles where you have to use fuel, which is non-renewable.


Enhanced Control

Some e-bikes models have distinct features that ensure you have more control when riding through traffic or rough terrains.

For example, electric mountain bikes have double frames that absorb shock when riding off-road. Additionally, the fat tire e-bike has large wheels that provide a broad base, easing rider comfort.

These features provide stability, ensuring you remain in control throughout the riding experience.

The control system found in most electric bicycles informs the rider about speed and the amount of charge left in the battery.

You control the speed and estimate how far you can travel using the charge left.


The motor provides assisted power which helps the electric bicycle move forward at a greater speed. You also have the option of pedaling, doubling the total power output.

Thus the momentum increases significantly. The main advantage of accumulating high speed is that you get to arrive at your destination in a shorter time. It is not the case when you are riding a regular bicycle.

Cheap Mode of Transportation

The transportation system offers a wide range of options for the modern-day traveler. When you compare using your electric bicycle as your mode of transport with other means like vehicles, motorbikes, and trains, it is a no-brainer that the e-bike is cheaper.

You only require to charge your battery and sometimes engage in light pedaling to reach your destination. Other transportation means need you to either fuel or use fare.

 All Individuals Can Ride.

Some general practitioners recommend individuals with old age or health issues like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions to avoid cycling the regular/traditional bicycle.

However, since the emergence of the electric bicycle, all these individuals get to enjoy cycling because they don’t have to pedal. Ride, regardless of age, gender, or health condition.

 Climb Through Hills

A well-maintained and functioning electric bicycle has the capability of climbing hills with ease. It achieves high speeds, effectively eliminating groin issues when you factor in gradient.

If you supply enough push, you can even climb steep terrain.

 Ease Your Way through Traffic

A distinct advantage of using an e-bike as a regular mode of transport is the ease of maneuvering traffic around busy city streets.

Since the bicycle does not consume a lot of space, it is easier to move in between vehicles and avoid the stress of waiting for other cars to make way. You, therefore, get to arrive at your destination in time.

 Travel a Longer Distance

With an electric bicycle, you get to travel longer distances without getting tired because you have pedal assist. It is in contrast to regular bicycles where you have to pedal constantly. You get tired over a short distance.

 Increased Cargo Capacity

Some e-bikes in the market get modified such that they have carrier bags and extra passenger seats. You get to transport heavier goods and carry additional passengers, especially if you are out shopping.

The motor gives extra power, and you don’t have to worry about getting tired while cycling or reaching a point where you will have to push.


Riding your e-bike is a fun way of spending time when you are free. It is an advantageous recreational activity where you get to enjoy nature, travel from one town to another, or ride on the beach.

It is a viable option for individuals who view cycling as a hobby. There have been increased instances in recent times where e-bike companies offer locals and tourists the chance to enjoy cycling by availing bikes for hire.

We have adequately covered the advantages. Now let’s take a look at the associated disadvantages of using an electric bicycle.

What is the disadvantage of owning an electric bike?



As a general rule below are the disadvantages of owning an electric bike are:

Limited Range

Although you get to cover a longer distance with an electric bicycle than a regular bicycle, you can’t travel very long distances. You either get tired or run out of battery charge.

You have to make an approximation of how long the battery can keep the power, or else you will have to pedal on your way back.


Electric bicycles are heavier than regular bicycles. The added components – the conversion kit (motor, battery, and control system) contribute to the added weight.

For individuals who are older or have health issues, it may be hard to control the e-bike. Additionally, if you run out of charge during the ride, you will have to pedal and move the whole weight of the electric bike.


There are certain weather conditions when riding an electric bicycle may prove to be extremely difficult. For example, if it is raining or when the climate is too hot.

Other modes of transport like vehicles and trains provide features that ensure you can ride through all kinds of weather.

 Increased Complexity

If you are used to riding a regular bicycle, you have difficulty getting accustomed to the features of an electric bike.

For example, some e-bikes have the option of pedal-assist only, and it may be complicated for individuals who wish to use throttle only.


An electric bicycle is a cheap mode of transport compared to vehicles, but some people have had an issue with their cost.

They are more expensive than regular bicycles. Some prefer to acquire or keep their e-bikes rather than get extra funds to buy a new electric bike.

Additionally, the process of converting your bicycle to an electric bike may prove to be costly because you must first buy an electric conversion kit. If you don’t have the expertise to install it, you will need to hire the services of an expert.

 Battery Charging Time

You cannot use the motor without the battery, and the battery needs charging when power gets utilized. Depending on your e-bike’s battery capacity, charging durations vary.

Consequently, you will have to wait for the battery to charge for you to ride the bike. It can be frustrating if you are in a hurry to ride to work.

 Dealing With Pedestrians and Other Motorists

Although e-bikes are excellent at maneuvering city traffic, you will have to be on the lookout for other motorists and pedestrians.

If you are highly inexperienced or end up not paying close attention, you may end up bumping into vehicles and pedestrians.


Maintaining other electric bicycle parts like the wheels, gears, frame, spokes, and other components is cheap. However, if you damage your electric conversion kit, you attract high maintenance and replacement costs as it tends to be expensive.

You always have to be extra careful to maintain the system.

 Prevalence of Accidents

Just like any other machinery, there is always the risk of accidents. E-bikes are no different, and when you fall over, you may sustain life-threatening injuries.

You, therefore, have to acquire safety gear like helmets, gloves, and reflectors to reduce impact. They may be expensive, adding to the overall cost.

 Battery Life

Some batteries have a limited lifespan. They either drain out too fast or get damaged within a short period of use. It is rare to find a battery that effectively serves you for more than two years, meaning that you will have to replace it after some time.

It can be frustrating if you are operating on a limited budget because batteries tend to be expensive.

Some of the factors that limit battery life include:

  • Use – regular use limits battery capacity, and they wear out fast
  • Time – the lifespan of a battery reduces with time
  • Over-charging – lead-acid batteries have a high probability of getting damaged when they get overcharged.

 Resale value

Selling an already used electric bicycle can be frustrating because they a low resale value. Getting a client willing to pay a considerable amount is difficult if the battery is damaged.

You can only sell the regular bicycle components at a throwaway price.


Is it worth it to go for an electric bike?

As a general rule, Owning an electric bike is a good thing because you will maintain your health. On the other hand, you will enjoy all the advantages of a regular bike and also add other advantages such as riding a bike in the mountains and also saving money because the expenses of operating an electric bike are very few
It will also preserve the environment around you and reduce the risk of pollution


The above advantages and disadvantages of an electric bicycle give you a general idea of what to expect when you get yourself one.

Focus more on the benefits as all machines have their limitations. And they should not deter you from experiencing what they have to offer.

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