How Do I Know What Size Electric Bike To Get? (City & EMTB)

Group of electric bike with different sizes

The size of the electric bike is one of the things that all people who buy a new electric bike ask about
The truth is that the size of the bike affects the riding experience and enjoyment.

But on the contrary, you will notice that most electric bike manufacturers classify the size of the bike according to numbers such as size 20 or 22.

As a person who intends to buy an electric bike, many questions will appear in your mind about these numbers, which may be confusing, especially if you are entering the world of electric bikes for the first time.

That is why in this post we will explain in detail how to choose the right bike size for you and try to answer the questions that may come to your mind regarding this topic.

“How Do I Know What Size Electric Bike To Get?”

Now Let’s start with the basic info about Electric bike size.

Basic Info about Electric bike Sizing.

Before we start with the basic information about the size of the electric bike. Perhaps we should make it clear that the size of the bike will be directly proportional to your height inseam.

This is well known, but there are some tips that you can take into account.

Know your height & your Inseam.

When deciding the size of the bike, it is preferable to re-measure the length, bearing in mind that you will measure your height while wearing shoes, because you will definitely ride your bike wearing shoes!

The goal here is to reach the actual height that you will be while riding the bike.

How to measure your Inseam?

As a general rule, you can measure the inseam using a measuring tape such as the one a tailor uses to measure and place the beginning of the measuring tape from the top inside the leg to the bottom of the leg.

Note: Don’t forget to wear shoes while measuring!

Electric bike Measurements.

Frame: What is meant by the frame measurement is the distance from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube

Note: if you intend to buy an electric mountain bike, the distance is usually measured from the middle of the motor to the top of the seat tube.

The horizontal Top Tube length: This measurement is one of the most important measures that you should look at when choosing an electric bike because it represents the distance between the middle of the head tube to the middle of the seat tube, and this is an area that you will use when riding a bike, so it should be suitable for your height.

Standover Measurement: This measurement is also important because it should be equal to the nearest degree to the length of your inseam length or more with two inches

Reach Measurement: reach is measured starting from above the bottom bracket and straight across to the stem itself

Stack Measurement: Stack is measured between the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube

Now that we know the main measurements of an electric bike, let’s give practical examples.

We will divide ebike into the two most popular types, electric road bikes, and electric mountain bikes.

Electric Road Bike Measurements.

The good thing about an electric road bike is that there are many sizes to choose from
In the following table, an explanation of each electric road bike size, as well as the appropriate length and inseam size for it

HightInseamBike SizeFrame Size in cm
5 to 5’4less than 28X-small 46 to 49
5’4 to 5’827-29Small49 to 52
5’8 to 5’1029 to 31Medium 54 to 56
5’10 to 631 to 33Large54 to 58
6′ to 6’333 to 35X-Large56 to 61
6’5 to 6’6More than 35XXLMore than 61
City Ebike Measurements


The sizes of an electric mountain bike are not much different from a regular electric bike, but we can say that the available sizes are somewhat less than a regular electric bike

In the following table, an explanation of each electric mountain bike size, as well as the appropriate length and inseam size for it.

HightInseamBike SizeFrame Size in cm
5’3 to 5’627 to 30Small38 to 41
5’6 to 5’1030 to 33Medium 42 to 45
5’10 to 6’133 to 35Large46 to 49
6’1 to 6’4More than 35X-Large50 to 53
EMTB Measurement

How Do I Know What Size Electric Bike To Get?

Now that we have mentioned the sizes of each type of bicycle and explained the meaning of the electric bicycle sizes, let us clarify the direct answer to How Do I Know What Size Electric Bike To Get?

As a general rule, you can determine the size of the electric bike by measuring your height and your inseam, then choosing the size of the electric bike that fits or is more than two inches from your size, bearing in mind that the length measurement should be while you are wearing shoes.

Tips for Choosing The Right Electric Bike size.

In this section, we will discuss together some tips that can help you choose the right bike size for you.

1-Visit a Local ebike Shop.

Visiting the nearest shop for electric bike may be very useful for you to know the appropriate size because you will have the opportunity to see different sizes and also different types.

There are also some shops that have demo electric bikes, and in this case, you will be able to try the size you are thinking of buying, and your decision will be more accurate.

2- Check the sizing charts.

Looking at the sizing chart on the official website is necessary, especially if you are going to buy online.

Most of the trusted sites for selling electric bikes give the possibility to choose the size through a size calculator, and in most cases, using the calculator is very easy.

Just check your height and inseam and it will show you the right size following the information we shared before

3-Brands are different.

One of the important things to keep in mind when deciding to buy a new electric bike is that sizes may vary between brands, so it’s a good idea to try to see the actual bike you’re going to buy before you buy it.

4- Choose what fits.

One of the tips that you should know is that most parts of the bike can be modified to be suitable for you, for example, the chair can move back or forward, as well as the handlebar, so you should know that buying a size a little larger than the recommended size will not be a big problem.

What to do if you choose the wrong electric bike size?

In this part of the post, we will discuss the most important steps that you can take if you choose the wrong bike size.

1-Adjust saddle Hight.

As mentioned earlier, there can be an inch or two difference in bike size and your height
If this is the case, you can adjust the size of the saddle to match your height

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2-Adjust Handlebar.

If you have a problem with the head-tube or top-tube space, it is possible to adjust the handle bar so that it is suitable and gives you greater comfort

You can view this post that explains in detail how to make an electric bike comfortable

How To Make Your Electric Bike More Comfortable?

3-Check if you can replace your ebike.

The electric bike is not cheap and it would not be good to pay a high price and then not get the right value

If you made the previous adjustments and noticed that you are still uncomfortable or feel pain in the back or leg as a result of choosing the wrong electric bike size, you can contact the seller to replace the bike size

Note: Most reliable electric bike companies give you 60 days or more to test the bike, so it is always best to check if this condition exists before buying the bike, especially if you are buying online


In order to determine the correct size for your electric bike, you should choose it based on your height and the size of the pelvis, bearing in mind that you can increase or decrease this size by two inches.

One of the most important tips that will help you choose the size accurately is to visit an electric bike shop near you or look at the sizing chart if you are going to buy online.

On the other hand, you should know that the sizes differ according to the brands, so it is preferable to see the bike in reality.

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