What Is The Replacement Cost For EBike Motor? (Hub&Mid-Drive)

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The cost of replacing the motor is one of the expenses that we rarely incur due to the long life of electric bicycle motors.


In this post, we will share together the average prices of electric hubs and mid-drive motors.

And also, in the second part of the post, we will talk about what is the most important information you need when choosing a new motor for your bike

Note: The prices in this post are for conversion Kit motors


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What Is The Replacement Cost For EBike Motor?


As a general rule, the cost of replacing a hub electric bike motor ranges from $55 to $300 While the price of replacing the mid-drive motor ranges from 300 to 700 dollars.


Hub Motors replacement cost.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the Al-Hab Motor ranges in price from 45 dollars for the smallest category (250-watt motor), and reaches its highest price up to 200 dollars for the 1000-watt motor.

250-watt Hub Motor.

The 250-watt motor is the smallest motor that rides on electric bikes and is often a passenger on the front wheel, and the average price ranges from $ 45 to $ 65.
Note: Most of these motors are manufactured in China, so it is preferable to order them on Alibaba to get the best price (this site is for wholesale, but there are sellers who accept to sell one piece)

500-watt Hub Motor.

The 500-watt motors are of the middle class, and their price ranges between $70 and up to $120.

750-watt Hub Motor.

750-watt motors are considered one of the higher categories and are the most widely used in the United States due to the fact that it is the maximum capacity there according to the law.
The price of this category ranges between 120 to 180, but note that there may be an increase in the price due to shipping costs that may sometimes reach more than $100 if you order direct from Alibaba.

1000-watt Hub Motor.


The highest category allowed in electric bikes is 1000 watts, and its price ranges between 160 to 200 dollars, but there is an expected increase in the charging cost of about 100 dollars.


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Mid-Drive Motors replacement cost.


Mid-drive motors are considered highly reliable, which makes changing them a rare matter.


Given that this motor is reliable and also gives more torque than the hub motor, the prices to replace it are considered to be somewhat high.


500-watt Mid-Drive Motor.

Mid-drive motors start from 500 watts, and they do not have 350 watts now (according to my information) The price of the motor ranges between $250 and $300.

750-watt Mid-Drive Motor.


The price of the 750-watt mid-dive motor ranges between 250 and 450 dollars, depending on the brand, as well as the accessories that come with the motor.


1000-watt Mid-Drive Motor.


The 1000-watt mid-drive motor ranges from 350 to 600 dollars.



What you should keep in mind while replacing your ebike motor?

After we took a quick look at the average prices for an electric bike motor replacement.
In this part, we will share with you the most important information that you should take into account when you replace the motor

Your ebike frame size.


The first step for you when replacing the motor is to know your ebike frame size, specifically the Bottom Bracket in the case of a mid-drive motor, is it 68 ml, 100, or 120 ml.

For the hub motor, you should make sure that the size of the wheel that the motor will come with and how it fits with your bike model.

Mostly the most popular sizes for electric bikes are 24 inches, 26 inches, 27.5, and the last 29 inches

If you are thinking of changing the size of your ebike wheel, perhaps it will be a good thing to look at this post


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When you choose a motor for your bike, you will notice a difference in prices for the same motor capacity, and the reason for this is due to the different torque of the motor.

For this reason, it is always preferable to choose a large torque in the case of a hub motor, and a torque that suits your needs in the mid-drive motor.

You can view this post, which will help you accurately determine the appropriate torque for your needs.


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Wires and Plug types.


One of the important things that you should notice when replacing your ebike motor is to make sure of the existing wires and their compatibility with the controller you have so that you do not have to change the controller or make cuts in the wires.


Only motor or full kit

When you buy the motor online, you will notice that there are motors that are sold separately with some accessories, and there are motors that are sold as a complete conversion kit.
That is why you should specify your needs. Will you buy a complete kit or just the motor?
Note: The size is often close, so it is preferable to buy a complete kit (without the battery) so that all the components work well with each other


The average price for a motor replacement ranges between $55 and up to 300 in the case of the Hub Motor.
The average price of a mid-drive motor ranges from 250 to 600 dollars.
When replacing the motor of your electric bike, you should make sure of the size of your bike and choose an appropriate torque, and also make sure that the wires in the motor will be compatible with the components of your current bike.

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