How long do ebike controllers last? (Tips for long lifespan)


Of course, the higher the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of any device, the longer the life span and this is one of the most important reasons, but in the case of the controller, there are several additional reasons that increase the life span of the controller if it is a high-quality component.


1- Interior design.

In high-quality controllers (price from 200 to 300), the internal design of the controller allows for good ventilation in order to reduce the heat resulting from the flow of electric current and in this way, the internal components of the controller are working all the time with the highest efficiency.


2- The flow of electric current.

In high-quality controllers, the method of designing the passage of electric current works in a way that increases the efficiency of the controller components and helps it to withdraw the highest amount of battery capacity and pass the current to the motor.

This explains why it is possible to find two ebikes with the same capabilities, one with a high-quality controller that increases the power of the bike, and the other ebike with a medium-quality controller that reduces the power of the electric bike.



In this part of the post, we will share the most important tips that you can take to maintain the controller and increase its life span.


1-Mount it in a Good Place on your ebike.


The first advice in order to increase the life of the controller is to put it in a suitable place on the bike so that it is away from any shocks that may occur while you are riding the bike.

You can check out this post to find out the best place to put the controller


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2- Avoid riding in Muddy or wet places.



3- Keep unused wires hidden.


Sometimes the controllers come with wires for the lights or the gear sensor, and you may not use them

If you have these wires and you do not use them, it is preferable to tie them well and then hide them, to avoid any of them getting cut and causing contact with the body of the ebike frame which might lead to damage to the controller.


4-Avoid making any adjustments.


If you have a high-quality controller try not to make any adjustments to it whether it is Shunt MOD or something else


Shunt MOD: It is covering the current sensor with a layer of copper, which leads the controller will detect that it receives less amperage from the battery, and therefore it will increase the ampere drawn from the battery and increase the torque with it. 


This method may be beneficial to some extent in medium-quality controllers, but in high-quality controllers, there will be no noticeable increase in performance.


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The electric bike controllers can last between one to four years, depending on their quality and the way it is maintained.


If you are going to buy a new controller, it is preferable that it be of high quality to get the best performance from the bike and also to last longer.

In order to increase the life of the controller, you should mount it in a suitable place on the ebike and avoid riding the bike in muddy or wet areas.

On the other hand, the wires that are not used in the controller should be tightly tied and hidden carefully.

Avoid making any adjustments to the controller, especially if it is a high-quality controller

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