Are Ebike Conversion Kits Worth It? (Experienced Answer)

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Are Ebike Conversion Kits Worth It? This question is often asked in different ways such as Can I convert my bike to an electric bike?

Will the conversion kit make my bike a good electric bike?! Or can I put a pedal assist and throttle system on the bike after the conversion?!


All these questions focus on one idea, which is what is the feasibility of the electric bike conversion kit?


That is why in this post I will try to answer all the questions about the conversion kit for an electric bike in terms of its feasibility, types, and what you should look at when deciding to install a conversion kit on your electric bike.


Are Ebike Conversion Kits Worth It? ( The Pros & Cons )


In order to answer this question realistically, we must clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the electric bike conversion kit so that the answer is realistic.

That’s why in this part of the post we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the electric bike conversion kit.


The Pros Of Ebike Conversion Kit


1-Reduces expenses.


The first advantage of using an electric bike conversion kit is that it reduces expenses in two ways.


The first is the cost of an electric bike conversion kit is much less than buying a pre-built electric bike where you can get a good conversion kit starting at $200 (without the battery), and this is a very good amount compared to the prices of electric bikes that start at $800.


On the other hand, converting your electric bike for daily use, especially if you live in a crowded area, saves money and time, as you will not have to spend money on oil or on public transportation.


2- Easy to remove.


Most of us like from time to time to exercise using the bike, bearing in mind that the electric bike saves a lot of effort, which is somewhat unlike the regular bike.

The ease of dismantling and installing the electric bike conversion kit is one of the advantages, as you can remove this kit again after installing it and get a normal bike


You can check this post if you are thinking of how to ride an electric bike without using a motor From Here


3-Flexibility to choose the component.


With the purchase of an electric bike conversion kit, you will have an almost infinite number of types of motors and controllers, from which you can choose what suits your needs, whether it is for daily commuting, riding in rough terrain, or towing a trailer


All options are open to you in choosing what suits your bike design.


The Cons Of Ebike Conversion Kit.

1- Doesn’t look like a pre-built ebike.


If you are one of those people who like to have their bike harmoniously designed and without the appearance of any wires that may reduce the beauty of the bike, then the conversion kit will cause you a problem!

Because when you think about it, your bike wasn’t designed to be an electric bike in the first place and based on that there will be wires coming from the motor to the control and the battery which may not look organized

Despite this, with a little organization, you can hide the wires and get a nice bike.


2- May need advanced install.


If you do not have a background, even a simple one, about the use of electrical tools and their types, as well as some of the basics of safe dealing with electricity, then in most cases you will have to seek help from the nearest electric bike shop near you.


But it should be noted here that before you give him your bike to install the conversion kit, you should see his previous work (as most shops have some bikes that have already a conversion kit),


you should look at the way the wires are distributed and how they are organized because a good technician will take care of this the details.


3- Needs to plan it well.


Among the disadvantages of the conversion kit is that it needs planning before buying, and I mean planning here is how compatible the design of your current bike is with the conversion kit in terms of having the right place in the bike.


But don’t worry, in the next part, we will discuss together the most important points that you should take into consideration when choosing a conversion group.


Now that we have explained the most important defects and advantages of the electric bike conversion kit, we should answer the main question.


Are Ebike Conversion Kits Worth It?  Yes, the electric bike conversion kits are worth it, as it saves money and time, Also they are easy to disassemble and install, and have many options that will suit your needs.


What you should take into consideration when selecting ebike Conversion kit?


As mentioned earlier, in this section we will look at the most important points that you should take into account when choosing an electric bike conversion kit.


1- What will be your daily use of the bike after installing the conversion kit?


Determining the type of your bicycle use after adding the conversion kit is one of the most important steps that you must take into account because on the basis of which many of the following steps are determined, whether in terms of the type of conversion kit, its price, its power, and many other things.


For example, if you are going to put a baby seat or trailer on it or you will carry things on it, you will need a different type and power of

the motor than if you will use it in daily riding in the city, the power of the motor will be less and so on


I will leave you at the end of the post some articles that will help you determine your needs


2- What type of assistant do you need throttle or Pedal assist.


Or a step for you when choosing a conversion kit for your bike is to determine if you want the Throttle or Pedal assistance system because each of them has a different price and way of working.


You can see this post where it explains in detail how the throttle and pedal work and the difference between them


Ebike Pedal Assist Vs Ebike Throttle- A Practical Comparison


Choosing between assist systems is certainly essential, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a Pedal Assist after purchasing an electric bike conversion kit.


How to add a Pedal Assist to an ebike conversion kit?


Generally, you can add pedal-assist to your ebike conversion kit by adding a ring to the bottom bracket and a sensor that clips onto your seat tube and will detect your crank movement.


Adding Pedal assist to ebike conversion kit



3- Can your bike handle the weight of the conversion kit.


The second thing that you should think about is what is the ability of your current bike to withstand the weight of the conversion kit.


The weight of the conversion kit ranges from 3 to 9 kg, add to that the weight of the battery and the passenger, so you should make sure that the bike model is able to withstand that weight.

You can confirm by adding a similar weight to the conversion kit on the bike and then riding your bike with this weight for a distance of at least a mile.

if you hear sounds from the bike frame, this indicates that the bike frame can not bear the extra weight, but if you can ride your bike in a normal way, the bike can bear this weight.


4- Bottom bracket width.


One of the most important points to look at is the width of the brake pads, as most electric bike conversion kit motors need a width between 63 to 70, so you should check the size of your tires before choosing an electric bike conversion kit.


5- Chain line.


The next step for you is to make sure that the chain line on your electric bike can handle the power of the motor you choose.

Look at this post for more information and details on this point.


Do E-Bikes Need Special Chains?(EXPLAINED)


6- Frame type.


The type of bike tire you own is one of the most important things that can fail the entire conversion kit assembly process. Let me explain to you more.

if you have a normal hardtail bike it will be easy to swap across an ebike kit & battery because it will fit in the front triangle as it has a lot of space

However, if you have a full-suspension bike there will be no space to add a big battery inside the bike frame.


7- Axles type.


The type of axles on your bike may prevent the installation of an electric bike conversion kit if you have a bike or a new bike that has out boost or bolt axles however if you have a normal bike with a 135mm dropout that back wheel will fit.


Ebike Conversion Kits Types.


1- Front hub-drive kit.


The Front hub-drive kit is characterized that it is very easy to install, as the motor is installed in the front wheel and does not require much experience to install it, and it is mostly a Throttle Assist system, but you can install Pedal Assist as we mentioned previously.


This type is more suitable for riding in the city, and it costs about $ 200 without a battery.


But what is wrong with this type is that the capacity of the motor is often low, and it is also not suitable for riding a bike on unpaved roads.


2- Mid-Drive Motor Kit.


Personally, I am a fan of the mid-drive motor, as it is a powerful motor and has the ability to produce great torque and is also suitable for many needs, whether inside the city or on unpaved roads. To get the best performance out of the bike.


What is wrong with this type from my point of view is the difficulty of installation and also the large number of types in the market, which increases the confusion during the selection.


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3- Rear Hub Motor.


Rear Hub Motor is characterized as being one of the most famous types and also in most cases, the motor power is higher than the front hub motor.

On the other hand, this type is one of the easiest types to install, and it does not need any previous experience, but what is wrong with it is that it mostly comes with only a Throttle.

This type may have many uses according to the power of the motor.


If you are planning to get a kit with a large motor of 1000 watts, for example, you can use it in almost everything, especially if the torque

of the motor is large (80 Newtons at least).


But if the motor’s capacity is limited, the uses available to it will also be limited.


How to choose the correct battery for your ebike conversion kit?


After we’ve explained the different types of electric bike conversion kits, we’ll take a quick look at how to choose the right battery for you and the dimensions of your bike.


The most important piece of advice for you when choosing a battery to install on your bike is the dimensions of the battery itself.


Often, you will find the battery seller putting the dimensions of the battery, so make sure that the dimensions of the battery you choose are appropriate for the place you will put it.


You can view this post that explains in detail how to choose a suitable battery for you From Here.


What Are the other parts that you should look at during selecting a conversion kit?


In this part of the article, we will look at the rest of the parts that come with the kit, which you should make sure that they are suitable for you.

LCD Unit: There are some kits in which the LCD is optional, so you must make sure that the LCD is within the kit you choose to avoid any additional costs as well so that it is compatible with the kit.


Ebike Controller: You will, of course, find a controller in the kit, but what you must make sure of is that the amount of the controller is sufficient for the capacity of the battery that you intend to buy so that you can take the best performance from the bike


“How do I setup, my ebike controller? (2 Min Guide )”



How Much is the ebike conversion kit?


As a general rule, the price of the kit is directly proportional to the capabilities, but in general, the price of the kit ranges between $200 and $900.

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  • The electric bike conversion kit is a very good alternative to buying a pre-built electric bike because it saves money and is also easy to disassemble and install
  • There are several factors to consider when choosing an electric bike conversion kit such as the purpose of getting the electric bike, frame design, and the type of assist system desired.
  • There are 3 types of conversion kits, The front hub, is suitable for cycling inside the city.
  • The Rear hub is suitable for many needs, whether riding inside the city or on unpaved roads, but it must be taken into account that this type of motor must be of high wattage and torque to carry out various tasks.
  • And the last type is The mid-drive, which is the best type and suitable for all needs, but the disadvantage is that the price is high compared to other types, and it also needs some of the best in installation.
  • When choosing a battery, two points must be considered, first the battery dimensions, then the battery capacity, according to your personal needs
  • The last point is to make sure that the kit comes with the LCD unit in order to avoid the extra cost.
  • And also make sure that the controller is proportional to the capacity of the battery you have chosen.

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